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Wendy Knapp, PhD


Inspired by the need to know how things work and an obsession with improving efficiency I earned a Masters’ degree in Industrial Technology and entered the workforce as an industrial trainer writing ISO 9000 compliant procedures, establishing train-the-trainer programs, and creating training materials to support complex manufacturing operations.  I returned to the classroom and earned my teaching license in technology engineering and design education and taught students grades 6-12.  Accepting an invitation to participate as a Fellow with the National Center of Engineering and Technology Education (NCETE) supported by the National Academy of Engineers I returned to the classroom one more time and earned a PhD in Learning Technologies from the University of Minnesota.  Along the way I taught courses in ethics and technology applications to undergraduate and graduate students.  I had the great opportunity to study under the expert team of Roger Johnson and David Johnson, known for developing Cooperative Learning Theory and Dr. Aaron Doering, credited with Adventure Learning Theory.  Their work remains influential in my approach to educational design today.

My grasp of the educational landscape combined with the knowledge to work resourcefully, innovatively, and economically has resulted in the launch of many successful online courses and programs for the government and the private sector.    Because I’ve worked in both industry and academia I understand the differences between developing training materials and writing curriculum. The result is learning but the approach is different. 


Working full time, while pursuing a doctorate and raising a family required a steadfast level of engagement reliant on commitment, focus, hard work, and a never-ending pursuit of creative solutions to establish a harmonious balance between family, work, and school.  That focus and dedication remains a core value in my work today. 


Dr. Knapp resides with her husband, Dr. Randall Knapp, in Chapel Hill North Carolina with their Australian Shepherd Audrey and a house full of weekend guests otherwise known as their children home from college. 

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